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Dashain 2018

NAF Annual General Meeting and Dashain Celebration 2018

Let's go Miami
First time in the history of Nepalese Community of the State of Florida has organized a state wide Dashain Celebration in Miami on the following date/time/venue. Please mark your calender!

Date: October 27, 2018

Time: 6:00pm-11:00pm


Miami Police Benevolent Association

2300 NW 14th St

Miami, FL 33125

Message from the President


Respected Nepalese in Florida and Beyond,

Namaste and Happy New Year 2018!

On behalf of Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF), I salute people of Nepalese origin here in Florida and beyond for the ongoing support and guidance which has always energized our beloved organization for unity and strength. We thank you for your trust on our leadership and giving us an opportunity to serve the Nepalese community here in Florida and beyond.

NAF is a leading Nepalese organization of Florida and together we will give consistency on our proud past of FNA, FANS and United FNA-FANS, their founders and leaders and strive towards best serving our community representing Nepalese in Florida. As a true crusader of NAF, we are committed not only on giving continuity to the past but also bringing more Nepalese community oriented innovative programs and services.


Not only in Florida, we believe on giving back to Nepal as well during natural calamities and catastrophes. Be it the bitter Earthquake of 2015 or the recent flood of Eastern Terai, NAF came forward to help support the people affected. Thanks to the donors who came forward to help those victims. Yes, we believe in action and all our program reflects our dedication towards the great service always placing the Nepalese community first. Service to the community, no matter where, is our motto, and will remain as our guiding principle.

We have diverse group of people in the executive board with expertise in social service. We are proud to have advisers like Dr. Shailendra Shukla, Mr. Pramod Sharma, Dr. Hem Chataut, Dr. Jay P. Sah and our immediate past president Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa.

At this moment please join me in saluting all our former presidents Tirtha Mali, Rajeeb Lamsal, Dr. Dharma Acharya, Ajaya Satyal, Dr. Bijaya Kattel, Dr. Khushiram Tiwari, Sundar Joshi, Sanjaya Bajrachraya, Dr. Archana Kattel, Bimal Nepal, Bikash Devkota and Ram Sharan Thapa and their respective officers for serving our beloved organization during their tenure with dignity and pride to bring us all to this current height. 

This year’s major events are, Nepali New Year Celebration in Lakes Regional Park, Fort Myers on April 14; Third Explore Nepal at Pegasus Ballroom, UCF Orlando on May 27; and the Dashain Celebration in Miami on October 27. Please mark your calendar.

Like the last several years, we keep on balancing our organization with programs in preserving and promoting Nepali language, literature, culture, religion, festivals and community-oriented. The new generation will surely notice our local Community services, giving back to Nepal, Dashain/ Tihar, Nepali New year, Blood Drives, Adopt-A-Highway programs, Explore Nepal (promoting Nepal targeting non-Nepalese audiences) and much more. They are sure to learn the value of friendship and ancestries something they are always proud of.

We want to hear from you. If you have any ideas and praiseworthy programs in your mind, please feel free to share with us. We are here for you and will try to conduct the program as per the community need. Please stay tuned.

Finally, I would like to thank each and every individual who bought Nepalese community this far. 

Long Live NAF

Always for the Community

Dr. Choodamani Khanal


Nepalese Association of Florida

Current Executive Board (2017-2019)

Dr. Chooda Mani Khanal (President)

Dr. Hari Adhikari (Vice President)

Dr. Pragati Ghimire Aryal (General Secretary)

Ms. Manju Malla (Treasurer)

Mr. Nabin R Timilsina (Information Secretary)

Member at Large

Dr. Beni Dangi (Tallahassee)

Mr. Sagun Joshi (Tampa)

Dr. Nagendra Dhakal (Orlando)

Ms. Sharmila Pant (Port Saint Lucie)

Dr. Ghana Shyam Pokharel (Fort Myres)

Dr. Rajendra Paudel (Miami)

Nepal Study Forum and Community Forum Coordinator

Dr. Netra Khanal

Advisory Committee

Dr. Shailendra Shukla 

Mr. Pramod Sharma 

Dr. Hem Chataut 

Dr. jay P. Sah 

Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa 

Event Updates

NAF annual meeting and Dashain -Tihar 2074 Celebration


NAF annual meeting and Dashain -Tihar 2074 Celebration

Press Release

We are happy to share this good news that NAF has successfully celebrated her 25th anniversary during the Dashain and Tihar Program on October 7, 2017 at West Palm Beach Florida. About 240 Nepalese from different cities of Florida attended the program. The program was held at American Polish Club in the city of Greenacres. The annual meeting was followed by Nepali Cultural Program and then live performance of 4M musical band from Atlanta. All the past presidents were invited to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Association. Keeping our tradition the most popular sports in Nepalese community, soccer and tennis tournaments were also included to the program. The printed version of NAF newsletter "INDRENI" was also published on this occasion.

The program started 4:00 pm with the onsite registration. Mrs. Anila Neupane hosted the business session of the program.Chief guest Mr. Promod Sharma inaugurated the program by lighting the Deep in Diyo. Past Presidents Mr. Tirtha Mali, Mr. Rajeev Lamsal, Dr. Dharma Acharya, Dr. Bijaya Kattel, Dr. Khusi Ram Tiwari, Mr. Sanjay Bajracharay, Dr. Archan Kattel, Mr. Bimal Nepal and Mr. Bikash Devekota were also present in the program. The West Palm Beach Bhajan group led by Mrs. Sunita Shrestha and Mrs. Mithu Joshi performed Durga Puja and Arati. After the puja West Palm Beach Pathsala kids sang Nepali and US national anthem. The sitting President Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa welcomed and presented the Dashain-Tihar greeting to all the guests on behalf of NAF.
First President of Florida Nepalese Association (FNA) Mr. Tirtha Mali talked about the establishment of organization in 1992 and highlighted its achievements. Founding President of Florida Association of Nepalese Society (FANS) Mr. Bimal Nepal and the Past President Mr. Bikash Devekota (United FNA-FANS) also shared few sentences about the activities of the association in the past.

The other important part of the program was to recognize the members of Earthquake Relief Fund Collection and Disburse Committee of 2015 formed by United FNA-FANS (now NAF). The committee collected $180,000 and sent to Earthquake victims of Nepal through different volunteering organizations. Mr. Krishna Shrestha, Dr. Bidya Subedi, Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa, Mr. Bikash Devekota, Mr. Binod Basnet, Mr. Jhanak Thapalia, Dr. Sharada Bhandari, Mr. Rajeev Lamsal and Dr. Chooda Khanal were in the committee.

Information Secretary Dr. Amar Karki introduced all the Past Presidents and their teams and also presented their major achievements. General Secretary of Nepalese Association of South East America (NASEA), Mr. Krishna Shrestha introduced NASEA and explained its relationship to NAF. Mr. Krishna Shrestha also talked about the Adopt-A-Highway program in which NAF recently signed a contract with the Department of Transportation of Florida to remove the litter four times a year on the side of the segment of 1.5 Miles of Forest Hill Blvd.
The oath ceremony for the new Executive Committee members was conducted by ANEC Chair Mr. Rajeev Lamsal in the presence of other ANEC members Dr. Bidya Subedi and Mr. Rajendra Shrestha. New President Dr. Chooda Khanal delivered his acceptance speech and introduced his Executive Members Dr. Hari Adhikari (Vice President), Dr. Pragati Ghimire Aryal (General Secretary), Ms. Manju Malla (treasure) and Mr. Nabin Timilsina (Information Secretary). The business hours ended with the vote of thanks by event coordinator Dr. Amar Karki.
The medals and trophies were distributed to the Tennis tournament winners (Mr. Chandan Shrestha and Dr. Adarsh Shrestha) and the runner up (Mr. Deepak Adhikari and Mr. Ashok Shrestha) and junior tennis tournament participants, Sarah Thapa,Shreya Joshi, Saugat Shrestha, Deep Adhikari, Ashish Amatya, Presha Shah and Etasha Shah by Dr. Sharda Bhandari and to the Soccer tournament winners (Tampa Nepalese Team, Captain Suraj Poudel) and runner up (Orlando Nepalese Team, Captain: Sanam Rai) by Dr. Bijaya Kattel. Mr. Parbat Joshi and Mr. Binod Basnet coordinated the Tennis and Soccer tournament.
A special issue of NAF newsletter “INDRENI” has been published on the occasion of Silver Jubilee of Nepalese Association Florida (NAF). The newsletter contains NAF history with the information about its establishment as Florida Nepalese Association (FNA) in 1992 and its journey through the unification of FNA and FANS (United FNA-FANS) to all the way to getting its present name Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF) in 2015. It also contains interesting news, greetings, arts and literatures. Some of the articles are very interesting and useful to our kids. Dr. Archana Kattel led the publication team. The copies of printed version were distributed during the program. If you do not have your copy please contact Mr. Ram Thapa.
The cultural program coordinated and hosted by Mr. Krishna Shrestha and Dr. Niraj Shrestha started at sharp 8 pm. There were performances by the local talents of different age groups. There were jaw dropping dance performances on Fantastic Wonderful by Aaron, Jasmin and Pranav, on Kalo topi by Miami Pathsal kids and on Mix Melody by WPB Pathsala kids. Yuvan Bhandari sang the song Jaha chhan Buddha ka aankha while Carolyn Shah presented two beautiful songs Lappan Chhapan and Thamel Bazar. Aiden Shrestha, Trisha Chapagain, Hrit Khanal, Hirman Khanal and Ryan Chakra Chailagain also presented their creation. After the performance by our local talents the 4M band took over the stage and rocked everybody. People fully enjoyed the live performance by the band until 11 pm.
The food was served by Namste Grill, a restaurant run by a Nepali team at Stuart, Florida. Typical Nepali foods were there in the menu. The fund for the food, hall, band and sound system were collected from the event fees and donation from our community members. A lot of community members, past presidents, local businesses and the organizing team donated money to support the expenses. NEPA Wholesale cosponsored the event with $700. Organizing team is very grateful to all the donors, volunteers, performers, players and guests without whom the event wouldn’t be successful.
Thank you.
Amar Karki
Event Coordinator
NAF Silver Jubilee and Dashain iTihar Celebration

"Thank you, all!" Immediate past president Mr. Thapa


Respected Community Members,

On behalf of Nepalese Association of Florida, NAF, I would like to take this opportunity once again to wish you a Happy Deepawali 2074! Hope, you have this holiday season filled with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF) celebrated her 25th Anniversary and Dashain-Tihar 2074 on October 7, 2017 with more than 250 members of the Nepalese community from different cities of Florida. The event was organized with the help of the Executive Committee Members, the Silver Jubilee committee members, and the volunteers. You all deserve the praise for making this event a successful one. Thank you all.
I would like to extend special thanks to the chief guest Mr. Pramod Sharma, the Founding President of FNA Mr. Tirtha Mali and the past Presidents Mr. Rajeeb Lamsal, Dr. Dharma Acharya, Dr. Bijaya Kattel, Dr. Khusi Ram Tiwari, Mr. Sanjay Bajrachrya, Dr. Archana Kattel, Mr. Bimal Nepal and Mr. Bikash Devkota for their participation in this event.
My appreciation goes to West Palm Beach Pathsala students for singing the Nepali and American National Anthems. Equally, I am thankful to the cultural program performers. Also, I would like to thank tennis and soccer teams for your participation. My special thanks are due to Mrs. Anila Neupane for MC and Dr. Amar Karki for AGM coordinator, and Mr. Krishna Shrestha and Dr. Niraj Shrestha for coordinating the cultural program.
My appreciation goes to the sponsors of the program without whose support it would not have been possible. The main sponsors were: Bijay Shrestha (Nepa Wholesale), Dr. Birendra Bhattarai, Vic Patel (united Wholesale Orlando), Mr. Dharma Khanal, Hitesh Matalia (10th avenue Discount Liquor), Dr. Chakra Chaulagain and many other individual contributors. These sponsorships supported a major part of the 4M Band artists’ expenses. Also, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Abi Kattel Memorial Foundation for sponsoring the soccer tournament with running trophy, trophies, and medals with other help.
All this grand success would not have been possible without the hard work of the executive committee members, advisors, and many volunteers. All volunteers put up their time and energy to make it happen. Special thanks are due to Dr. Archana Kattel and the team for 25th Anniversary Edition of Indreni; Parbat Jee, Jhanak Thapaliya, Kiran Pandey and Rishi Gautam for Hall decoration; Dr. Amar Karki and Krishna Shrestha for fund raising; Binod Basnet and Parbat Joshi for sport coordination (tennis and soccer); Sunita Shrestha; Mithu Joshi, Susila Karki and Sharmila Thapa for Puja and Arati arrangement. Thank you, Gopesh Maskey for shopping help.
Volunteers Dr. Hari Adhikari, Dr. Pragati Ghimere, Manju Malla, Anil Malla, Junior Malla, Laba Neupane, Dinesh Khatiwada and Sabin Shrestha for registration, and many more volunteers for various different tasks were praiseworthy. Many of you took the lead role in coordinating various topics such as sports, cultural program, registration, food, and more that I appreciate.
My term as a president of the NAF (2015-2017) officially completed on October, 7, 2017. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the president, with my team, of this great organization. My tenure would not have been successful without the constant support and encouragement from my executive board members, advisors, ANCE team and the entire Nepalese Community here in Florida. During my tenure, we entered into ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ program with Florida Department of Transportation for maintaining of 1.5 miles of roadsides by cleaning the trash. I would like to thank you all for your support and participation. My entire executive committee members have devoted their valuable time to serve the community through this association.

I would like to thank Election Commission Members, Mr. Rajeeb Lamsal (chair), Dr. Bidhya Subedi, and Mr. Rajendra Shrestha for taking care of the election and welcoming new committee. I would like to extend my congratulations and best wishes to the new executive committee of NAF.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all volunteers for your hard work in putting together this 25th Anniversary and Dashain celebration of NAF, with live 4M Band, and made it a grand success.
I would not have been able to perform without strong support of my wife Sharmila and daughter Sarah. I thank them with love from bottom of my heart.
Thank you all for your participation and support. I wish nothing but the best for NAF.
Ram Sharan Thapa
Nepalese Association of Florida (NAF)
Immediate past president

Material Request for Indreni

Dear Nepalese Community in Florida and beyond,

Namaskar and Happy holidays!

Once again, I would like to thank all Nepalese community in Florida for giving us an opportunity to serve in the executive board of this prestigious organization NAF. Our president is still in process of completing the advisory board of NAF and on behalf of president and our entire team, we assure you to give full plan of action in our upcoming newsletter Indreni.

We would also like to share you that the executive board meeting held last week has nominated five distinguished personalities as advisers of NAF. Thanks to Dr. Shailendra Shukla, Mr. Pramod Sharma, Dr. Jay P. Sah, Dr. Hem Chataut, and Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa for your support as an adviser to strengthen the Nepalese community in Florida. We will soon release the annual program calendar of NAF.
At this point, I would like to request respected Buba Ama, Daju Bhai, Didi baihini, friends, entrepreneurs and all to send your material to publish in the next issue of our quarterly Newsletter "INDRENI". Indreni is scheduled to be published on December 31st, 2017, and would like to request for material no later than December 25. We apologize for the short notice. As you know this newsletter is serving as a medium of sharing your ideas, news, creations, success stories, experiences etc with Nepalese in Florida any beyond. Sometimes we have something which we never feel of importance to share with our community but that could turn out very helpful to them. Many of you have been contributing to this project in various ways in the past. We need more. So please send us any kind of materials you have that could be about yourself, family or society. Nothing is unimportant. Please encourage your kids to send us their creation. You send pictures, writing or videos of events and arts. I would appreciate if you send these materials by December 25 by replying this email or to nabintimilsina@hotmail.com. The publisher reserves the right to edit or not to publish your material as is.

Thank you very much in Advance. Looking forward to getting something from you soon.

Nabin Timilsina
Information Secretary
On behalf of Executive Committee, NAF

Executive Board of NAF 2017-2019
Dr. Chooda Mani Khanal (President)
Dr. Hari Adhikari (Vice President)
Dr. Pragati Ghimire Aryal (General Secretary)
Ms. Manju Malla (Treasurer)
Mr. Nabin Timilsina (Information Secretary)

Member at Large
Dr. Beni Dangi (Tallahassee)
Mr. Sagun Joshi (Tampa)
Dr. Nagendra Dhakal (Orlando)
Ms. Sharmila Pant (Port Saint Lucie)
Dr. Ghana Shyam Pokharel (Fort Myres)
Dr. Rajendra Paudel (Miami)

Adopt-A-Highway Clean-Up

This appreciation was long overdue.  Let’s give a big shout out to the following respected community leaders who joined hands for the 3rd round of cleaning the highway of Forest Hill Boulevard on April 29, 2018.

1. Ram Thapa

2. Sunita Shrestha

3. Bidya Subedi

4. Amar Karki

5. Manoj Joshi

6. Prakash Shah

7. Prisha Shah

8. Itasha Shah

As per the contract with the Adopt-A-Highway program of Department of Transportation in Palm Beach County, we are mandated to routinely clean this segment of highway. Our next round of clean-up will be on last Sunday of July 2018. Please let us know if you will be able to join us.

Again, thank you for your continued support!

Warm Regards,

Nabin R Timilsina
Information Secretary – Florida Nepalese Association (NAF)

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2017-2019 Executive Board Oath Ceremony

NAF Documents

"Transparency is one of the key elements of our leadership"

Meeting Minutes- Oct 15 2017 (docx)


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